Harry’s Shine Walk 2018

I'm not just talkin' the talk, I'm walkin' the Walk - half a marathon that is! All in aid of raising money for cancer research so I'm looking for your help (money!)
£436.25 raised of which £66.25 was Gift Aid
18 Donations

‘Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world’

Even if you are not old enough (like me!) to have seen the Humphrey Bogart film ‘Casablanca’ you will no doubt have heard the classic quotation, as above.

The attached photo was taken in May of this year when Tracey and I had dinner (and cigars!) in Rick’s Café, the iconic restaurant in Casablanca, where the famous part of the film was made.

As you may tell from the photo, I was quite relaxed and in the mood to agree to almost anything – Tracey insists that I agreed to partake in the Shine London Walk, on Saturday 22nd September 2018 – a Half Marathon (13.5 miles) throughout London – in aid of Cancer Research, Breast Cancer specific (and apparently Abdul, the waiter in the background,  whose Fez I am wearing, was a witness!). So apart from showing you one of my holiday photos, the bottom line is that I am seeking your sponsorship and assure you that whatever you care to give will be thankfully received and faithfully applied!

I will however make this pledge that, should I not complete the full distance, whilst your money will already be with Cancer Research, I will personally pay you back the amount that you have donated, or indeed pay a double amount directly to a charity of your choosing!

My best regards

Harry B


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