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Update 31st March 2017 – The finish line!
Done it! 31 days of at least 10 000 steps a day, minimum of 4. 5 miles each day equating to at least 140 miles. My feet hurt, my legs ache, and my knees are grumpy but it was worth it.

Update 30th March 2017 – Gorgeous Guernsey and the sun is shining.
Beautiful sunny and warm day today, loving it! One more day to go!!! Record 10,000 before 1 o clock having flown on an aeroplane.

Update Wednesday 29th March 2017
Two days left, 20,000 steps, approximately 9 miles. Can’t wait!

Update 27th March 2017 – Fit bit Failure
My fit bit failed to work this morning but I did my usual route so the steps are guaranteed and the fit bit has been reset in readiness for Day 28! The end is in sight.

Update 25th March 2017 – Amport fun run!
Ok, I can’t claim to have been properly involved but whilst doing the daily 10k with Maria we were swamped by Lycra clad men, women and children on the PTA fun run for Amport primary school. We were out front for a while, or so I like to think!

Update 27th March 2017 – Mother’s Day!
Still walking! Only 50 000 steps more to go.

Update 24th March 2017 – Babes in the woods!
10 000 steps today with Mike through mud and woods. The woods have been fenced off which meant the usual route was not possible. Thank goodness for my scouting skills to follow the fence back to the road or we might not have got out. We had to hurdle a fence and Mike helped by shaking the fence whilst I was trying to get over it, I’m not sure how I would have managed without him !

Update 23rd March 2017 – Feeling under replaced
The technical term for; the mind is willing but the body is weak. Energy levels are low but only 8 days to go.  I need more thyroxine.

Update 22nd March 2017 – Cannot comprehend why people behave like they do.
Today’s events have left me sad and appalled yet again, my faith in man kind has taken another blow. I just cannot, and will never, understand how people can do such horrible things.

Update 21st March 2017 – Count down has begun!
10 more days to go and counting!

Update 21st March 2017 I don’t like Mondays!
Finally managed to find the time for a walk at 8pm. 20 down 11 to go; apparently I walked a marathon last week.

Update 21st March 2017 – Sunday stalking!
Walking off Sunday dinner at dusk. I feel like a stalker with a torch walking round the village with Steve. Where is everyone?

Update 20th March 2017 – Saturday morning.
Striding out with Steve! So today with a full day of work ahead sat on my backside there was little option than to get up early and go for it. Luckily Steve is an early riser ( the peacocks made sure of that) and came with me. We walked around the perimeter of the village which is exactly 10 000 steps according to my fit bit and my aching feet!

Update 19th March 2017 – Paddy Power!
Happy St Patrick’s day! Another day another 10k!  What better way than to post a picture of Sharon and celebrate her Irish roots.

Update 16th March 2017 – Walked our little sewing socks off!
A day at the Sewing for Pleasure, Fashion and Embroidery show! My feet are hurting more today than ever, but 10k achieved. (Unfortunately, we had to walk to ‘Morrisons’ to get a pasty for tea to make up the shortfall).

Update 15th March 2017 – Toro Toro!
Today I walked to the Bullring with Kim for some retail therapy; It was a lovely day! 16 days to go and counting.

Update 13th March 2017 – Cake, cake and more cake!
Having my cake and eating it. Steps achieved in Farnham today at the cake decorating show. I didn’t even notice how far I had walked. Lovely day with cousin Mandy but a disappointing amount of cake to eat.

Update 11th March 2017 – It’s a CATastrophe
Not the end of the world but my step counter let me down again! I took a long walk round the village today with Charlotte and the step counter says not. Enoughs enough I need a fit bit!

Update 11th March 2017 – The Specials!
Met up with some of my ‘special’ teaching pals for a lovely meal hosted by Jane. We didn’t walk together but I did meet my 10K when we were together (nothing to do with the wine incentive) It was lovely to catch up and hear what everybody is up to.

Update 10th March 2017 – Spring has sprung!
What a beautiful day, really warm and sunny. I met up with my young friend Kayleigh, who I worked with a few years ago. We had a lovely catch up whilst walking in the sunshine. Thanks Kayleigh and see you again soon. X

Update 8th March 2017 – Crematorium and Cousin Karen in Camberley!
Combined a visit to the Crematorium for the anniversary of Michael’s death with a visit to see Cousin Karen and Aunty Ann. Luckily it was dry when we went for our walk which was well reward with Karen’s homemade Shepherds pie! Yum, thanks Karen x

Update 7th March 2017 – Walkies in Woodcote!
The sun was shining for a lovely walk in Woodcote today with Mike. A bit boggy underfoot but no wind and lots of good conversation. Almost a quarter of the way through already.

Update 7th March 2017 – Day 6: Stand and Deliver!
A walk in Gallowstree common woods with Sally but no sign of Dick Turpin whatsoever. Despite looking like damsels in distress whilst squelching through the mud; the only sign of a rescuer was Charlie the chocolate Labrador, who was fixated on dragging a branch back to the car and knee capping us from behind in the process. Lovely to see Sally again and hope to go for another walk soon.

Update 5th March 2017 – Day 5: Serves me right!
Well what can I say? Today I thought ( bad idea I know) I’ll do something different, I’ll Zumba my steps. Such a mistake! It turns out that when you do lots of little quick steps the pedometer thinks your cheating and ignores it. Consequently, 20 minutes of Zumba = very few steps. So being conscientious and determined to clock up the 10k I took to Wii dance with Kim. I am now shattered having had to use my arms as well as my legs. I am sticking to walking in future.

Update 4th March 2017 – Day 4: in Henley with the hubby!
Not the nicest day today but we managed a window of dry weather at the end of the rainbow in Henley by the river. Thank you to everyone who has offered to walk with me my diary is full this week!

Update 3rd March 2017 – Day 3. on the job!
So today has been wet and a bit grotty but still managed to hit my target whilst doing a short walk round the village and cleaning the house. Not very exciting I’m afraid but have a few people lined up to walk with me over the next month so all is well.

Update 2nd March 2017 – Day 2. The Lone Ranger
On my own today and had a piggin lovely walk from Woodcote to Goring, in the sun (see photo). Looking forward to tomorrow, I think it may be Henley On Thames with the girls.

Update 1st March 2017 Day 1. Mission accomplished!
A little wet today but still enjoyable. Steve joined me for moral support. I am going to try to get as many people to join me as possible. Do if you read this and fancy a ‘stroll’ let me know.

Update 27th February 2017 – Getting ready for the big day!
2 days to go and no blisters from my walking shoes so good to go. Looking forward to it but having done a week, a month is a looooong time!

Update 24th February 2017 -Training in Henley!
More than 20 000 steps today

Update 23rd February 2017 – Training has begun!
Already completed 5 consecutive days of at least 10,000 steps. Walking with Doris and Mike today. Feeling blown away!


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