World Cancer Day Saturday the 4th February 2017

The World Cancer Day Unity Band is a great way to show support & can be purchased from Cancer Research shops or online for a donation of just £2.
£512.00 raised of which £100.00 was Gift Aid
3 Donations

If you do buy any unity bands, it would be great if you could take a picture of yourselves wearing them, and write Sharon’s name and other loved one’s affected by cancer on your hands or arms like the pictures we had fun doing posted below and in the Ninjas in Action Gallery. Please share them via social media and email them to us at so we can post them too. Please see the video above for more about World Cancer Day or click this link for Cancer Research UK’s World Cancer Day information.

Update 9th February 2017
Thank you to so many people for getting involved and supporting World Cancer Day 2017. So many great Unity Band photos posted that you can see in the Ninjas in Action Gallery, and from what we gather so many bands purchased by those of you that were unaware that it was World Cancer Day had it not been for us! Indirectly therefore in increased band sales alone, we have raised a load of extra money for Cancer Research, so well done if you got involved.

On sad note however it was awful to see so many loved ones names on people’s hands and arms, a stark reminder of how indiscriminate and horrid cancer is, and how much work we have left to do.

Well done then everybody, and as always a big thank you from ourselves and Cancer Research UK for the great fundraising and getting involved, it is hugely appreciated.

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