Garfield aims for 87.8kg

Tired of being obese! It's getting in the way of my golf career so it's time to do something about it
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Currently, in underpants, I weigh 97.8kg – fat/obese/chubby? Target is to lose 10kg in 140 days starting Wednesday 23rd August 2017. Maybe not a very ambitious goal but one that is realistic bearing in mind all previous campaigns have crashed and burned in a matter of days! Furthermore, it’s achievable!

Aiming to lose the weight by careful calorie counting and adding more exercise to my day. And less snack attacks!

Mostly the exercise will consist of golf! Currently I play three or four times a week. In itself that’s all positive but bacon rolls, latte coffees and pints of soda and lime are not helping! I regularly use a Concept 2 rowing machine at home but not enough so aiming to make that a daily event. Just 4000m a day will be a big help. Finally, my poor PT Gareth works with me for an hour a week but I don’t often follow up with my own exercise. That needs to change

UPDATE 29th August 2018

Just made the target weight of 87.8kg. OK – a bit late but worth it. No money raised :[

  1. Bryant Family on 23rd August 2017 at 8:37 am

    Day 1. Downloaded my calorie planner. For steady but sensible weight loss I need to consume 2770 calories today. Breakfast looks pretty good. Two small slices of Hovis Granary, two eggs, a banana and a natural yoghurt. All washed down with black coffee. Gone are the Weetabix with chocolate bits and latte plus slice of cold pizza from fridge!

    Feeling better already.

  2. Bryant Family on 28th September 2017 at 9:59 pm

    Just over a month in and lost 5kg! Amazed but hungry.

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