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Bob’s Shine London Night Walk September 2023

By Bob Bowsher / 7th September 2023

Friends,   It’s time for me to do the 2023 LONDON SHINE WALK with the Cancer Ninjas once more and I’m getting out the blister packs, towels and tissues ready to go as we speak.     This will be my fourth year of doing this walk.  Cancer Research has made great progress recently and I…

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Tarryn & Shannon’s London Winter Run – 9th Feb 2020.

By Tarryn / 24th September 2019

Why not start 2020 with a chilly 10km through the closed roads of London? Before we knew it we had signed up and it was in the diary. With our dad and my husband being participants in Ironman events – it seemed time for Shannon and I to get our trainers on and raise some money…

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Mark’s Great South Run October 2017

By ninjalucy / 1st October 2017

As most of you will know I have never run, walked, jogged for charity.  I am not a natural long distance runner so this a real challenge for me.  It is now time to step up to the challenge so I ask you all to be as generous as possible for a very worthy cause…

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How about a small donation to make an old man run?

By Head Ninja! / 8th March 2017

….AND to really make him suffer, please make an additional £5 contribution – when we raise at least an additional £50, he’ll also do a half-marathon, the NEXT DAY. For those that know him, the joy of knowing the pain he’ll endure should be an added incentive for you! So please be generous, remember Sharon,…

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Angela is walking all over cancer for March 2017

By Head Ninja! / 17th February 2017

Update 31st March 2017 – The finish line! Done it! 31 days of at least 10 000 steps a day, minimum of 4. 5 miles each day equating to at least 140 miles. My feet hurt, my legs ache, and my knees are grumpy but it was worth it. Update 30th March 2017 – Gorgeous…

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