Dawn’s Afternoon Tea Friday 18th May 2018

By Head Ninja! / 10th May 2018

If you are able to join my Afternoon Tea you would be most welcome, it will most certainly be filling and fun! Please contact me for more information. If you have any friends, family or colleagues that would also like to help Cancer Ninjas in their fight against cancer, please do share my page. If…

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Ma Horlock’s home made orange marmalade for sale!

By Head Ninja! / 10th February 2017

The clearing up is done and the marmalade is now ready for sale! If you would like some (it’s mighty good!), please do let us know and we’ll make sure Ma Horlock saves you a jar and get it to you. A minimum donation of £3.00 per jar please, but do feel free to donate…

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Sue B’s going sugar freeeeeeee for February 2017!

By Head Ninja! / 31st January 2017

Help Sue conquer her cravings by donating or even better join her and go Sugar Free February also! She has a tin in the middle of her kitchen counter to her stay focused. Every day she achieves a sugar free day, she’ll put money into the pot. Why not get the whole family involved (yep…

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